Over the past few years we have seen an incredible change and the immense technology used for dietary supplements. There are so many dietary products in the market nowadays that it is so difficult for you to choose from them. Their main function is the same no matter what product you choose but it depends on what you are looking for. You can get cheap products, expensive ones, ones that have no side effects, ones that have side effects and the list goes on. The question is what these products are capable of. How will they affect you and your body? Will it accomplish what you are looking for? Will they actually work and make you lose your weight. With all this let us discuss a product of a similar category that has gained a lot of attention in the recent years for diet control and losing weight. Named Propolene is a product usually proposed to be a fat burner.

Here is what has been written about it:
Propol is the main ingredient used in Propolene. Glucomannan is the commercial name for Propol.  Glucomannan provokes a feeling of fullness because it is a soluble fiber that can absorb up to 200 times its weight in water.  

Let us see what we know about this product. Let us analyze its ingredients. The main ingredient of Propolene is Propol. This is the company name for Glucomannan. This is usually used as a very effective and an active ingredient when we talk about muscle diet tech and also fiber thin. These two are also very famous and talked about fat – burning products available in the market. The main function of Glucomannan is that it gives you a feeling of being full and you do not want to eat at all. The reason is that Glucomannan is a soluble fiber and has the capability to absorb 200 times its weight in water. This being the main ingredient in Propolene thus a famous diet pill.

Glucomannan has been tested and many of the studies and tests show that it has ability to not only lower down the sugar levels in the blood but also it can lower the LDL and cholesterol levels and blood lipid levels. Also by the studies and research done on Glucomannan, research suggests that if we take 8 ounces of water and mix it with 1 gram of Glucomannan and drink it one hour before we take our meal it can result in a significant amount of weight loss. Some of the research even showed the results as few individuals who took glucomannan as above managed to get rid of 6 pounds of weight in 2 months without even changing the habits of eating or dieting or without doing any exercises.

Also the research shows that glucomannan can also be un-healthy in a sort that it can hurt in the absorption of some nutrients, so if you take glucomannan then it is necessary that you have to take it with some multi –vitamins. This will help you not to lose any nutrition. Glucomannan is promoted to be a fat blocker by the Obesity Research Institute LLC. But they have not provided any evidence so far or any test results.

Reports say that about 14 grams of fiber each day is consumed by the people of North America. This amount is less than what is recommended and it is just the half amount of what is suggested. So in order to intake the right amount of Glucomannan then you should start taking Propolene, as this Propolene contains glucomannan and also contains necessary fiber so it is the best product to use. The benefits of glucomannan over ordinary fiber used in diets are many. This does not mean that this is the only way to intake fiber by the body, there are a number of other ways like, use high fiber fruits, vegetables and grains and also some fiber supplements such as Metamucil.

The people who sell Propolene claim that people who are on casual diets should not use this product. People who intend to lose 20 pounds or more than that then it is the suitable product otherwise should not be used. One of the clinical studies even show that people have lost 50 pounds or even more by the use of Propolene. They can get rid of their body fats at a fast rate by the use of this product.

The federal government has also questioned that is it possible to lose more than 2 pounds a week by the use of Propolene? Is it really possible and is that idea for real. Also the research done by federal government shows that it is impossible that people can eat whatever they want and still they would be able to lose weight by using Propolene. This is not accurate as it is not possible that a person keeps on eating and still thinks that they can lose weight by just using Propolene. Also the federal officials have claimed that at many instances no weight was lost what so ever by the use of Propolene, Propolene in some cases may not work at all.

Many individuals who have use propolene have many times reported that Propolene is great for controlling your eating habits and it suppresses your appetite. Still the question is there that does this product really help in losing weight and help in burning the fats that we want it to burn? Every where it has been advertised that this product does work and is really suitable to control your diet and get rid of the extra pounds but is it really true. No evidence so far completely shows the statistics to prove this. Many people who use Propolene have mix reviews and many say that t works and many say it is a moderate product and does not work as effectively as it is supposed to work. With all this in mind we wait to see how Propolene can become the best diet drug with all the evidence in its favor.

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This is the best thing I have ever tried. I lost weight so fast and no side effects. I haven't been able to find it in a long time.
By: Macie 3 years ago
By: Dr.Rehana Imran 11 years ago

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