Reasons to exercise in the morning

Mornings are very difficult to combat. There is always a string that disables you to get out of bed. This shouldn’t be the state of a mind of a person who has a goal to shed off some weight. Yes, you have to break the tie and be in action regularly in the morning. Below are the reasons why…

  1. Disciplined people who want to lose some pounds make it a habit to exercise in the morning. Only busy people exercise during their free time. They try to find time to squeeze it in their hectic schedules. Apparently, they have no goal to achieve; it’s just part of their lifestyle. If you are dying to break free from the curse of being fat, exercise is the first thing in your head as soon as you open your eyes. Some exercise at night though. What happens to them? More often than not, they stay awake until past midnight.
  2. Exercising in the morning ignites your metabolism. It accelerates as the day progresses so expect to burn more calories.
  3. If you want to be alive, alert, awake and enthusiastic without the need to sing the song with the same title, keep moving in the morning. It will set your body for more action and will help you maintain a positive disposition for the whole day. It is a good way to get rid of the “wake-up-on-the-wrong-side-of-the-bed” aura.
  4. People believe that exercise clears their mind from all the unhealthy food choices. What’s the point of exercising to lose fats if you will eat foods rich in carbohydrates and fats?
  5. If you make it a habit to wake up at about the same time each morning, your body clock will get used to it. Your body systems will adjust to it. Getting up in the morning won’t be a problem. Your body anticipates it so the systems involved in the exercise warm up even before you do the actual warm up. There may be instances wherein you are already awake even before the alarm clock rings.
  6. So, your body anticipates waking up and exercising. Next thing you know, you are excited to do the things you do every day. You will no longer see your daily routine as monotonous and boring. You’ll have this urge to finish things with enthusiasm and possibly do new activities when time permits.
  7. It is proven that exercise not only conditions your body for action but it also stimulates your mind. Take advantage of your mental sharpness that may last up to ten hours. Who knows? You may come up with a new discovery and be world-renowned just because of exercise.
  8. If you don’t exercise in the morning, your tendency is not to exercise no matter how much you wanted to, after a busy day at work. You’ll be too tired to do it, believe me. You’ll call it a day for everything else undone.
  9. Exercise is a priority for some people so they manage to get up 30 to 60 minutes earlier than usual just to exercise. Some people sleep a little earlier to wake up early. Research has illustrated that you’ll have quality sleep if you exercise every day. You won’t have to spend more time in bed and be unproductive during the hours that you are expected to be productive.
  10. Do it and feel fantastic! Say ‘goodbye’ to stubborn fats and say ‘hello’ to a healthier and more fabulous you!
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