Reducing Facial Fat

Have you always been bothered by that fat in your face? Have you been at one time teased as a "chipmunk" or maybe a "doughboy/girl"? If yes, then it's high time we get rid of that fat chin.

Spot reduction, or specifically targeting that facial fat is ludicrous – it is no way possible. Though this idea of targeting problem areas of our bodies would be awesome, it's just that it can't be done. Wouldn't we all want to just focus on the thighs and get rid of the fat there, or the face and get our chubby cheeks out? It does sounds nice, but it's not possible.

Fret not, though. Spot reduction may not be possible, but there are other ways of course. Below is a list of possible ways to get rid of facial fat.

1. Exercise, exercise, exercise.
Still the best way to lose fat anywhere in the body, exercise helps us lose fat from all major parts of the body. Cardio exercises such as biking, running and sprinting helps burn fat all over. After a few weeks, you may notice the difference, albeit small. The amount of weight loss varies on the intensity of the exercise, the frequency of the exercise and the metabolic rate of the person exercising.

2. Hydrate.
Water consumption has been proven to be a big factor in weight loss. It is advisable that the average person drinks eight big glasses of water a day to keep the body hydrated. For active people, eight may not be enough as the body loses more water, and thus, require more water. Sometimes, too, the body sends off cues that we may mistake as hunger, but is actually just thirst. By drinking water, the body is kept from overeating, which in turn helps in losing fat.

Some facial fat is caused by bloating or fluid retention in response to dehydration. This case is particularly common in women who have been under pregnancy or have been experiencing menopause. Drinking water may help lower the effects of this facial bloating.

3. Firm up your face.
Consider facial exercises. Some call this a silly excuse to smile, others consider this rather effective. Try it out for a couple of weeks and you be the judge of its effectiveness. The main aim of facial exercises is to tighten facial skin, and not really to lose fat.

In the case of the double chin, slap the bottom of your chin rapidly and firmly with the back of your hand. This can be done as often as you like.

As for your cheeks, first give a smile with your lips closed, sitting in a relaxed position. Suck your cheeks in and hold them for about 8 seconds. Then back to your relaxed position, do this exercise for at least ten more times. You can do this while working, or while driving as it is hands free. Another cheek exercise is simply to smile as wide as your closed lips can as if reaching your ears with your lips.

4. Grow up
By far, this is the easiest way to reduce facial fat – it will require some patience though.

Some facial fat is caused by baby fat, present during the teen years up until early twenties or even thirties. Just let it be, but remember to reduce your overall body fat for better results.

5. Have a trick up your sleeve.
Be a magician – deceive people. Nope, you need neither masks nor hats here. All you need to do is to change the viewer's attention from your face to other parts of your body, or hiding those "irregularities".

However, this only works for women, or men who are into make-up and long hair.

When trying to hide a double chin, some blush along the jaw line can do the trick. Blend the color, starting from just below the ears up to your chin. I have been told, too, that a spot of white powder on the tip of the chin for a highlight emits a dramatically slimming effect.

Apply some bronzer on your cheekbones and temples to make your face look thinner. This can also be done under your chin. You may also want to ask your hair stylist to do your hair with a style that hides round faces.

6. One word: Ultrasound.
This isn't for your tummy. Technology today provides ultrasound as a cosmetic agent by sending energy beneath the sin, liquefying fat cells without the harm, of other cells.

7. One other word: Liposuction.
Sucking out the fat with vacuum hoses and siphoning fat from the face may sound dangerous and painful, but some people will go for great distances for the sake of beauty. No pain, no gain as they say. Liposuction works best with double chins, and is said to help in reducing chubby cheeks, too.

8. Two words: Cosmetic surgery.
These three techniques on reducing facial fat are known techniques, but opinions recommending them are varying. The list will not be complete without them, but utmost caution needs to be exercised before actually taking this technique in consideration. Results will vary, and yes, failed operations happen.

Before going on with this techniques, ask around, people who have undergone them, licensed doctors, and online research. Talk to your doctor about this; ask for a referral if possible. Know everything you have to before actually taking this – learn about the cost, the side effects, possible complications, even the recovery time. Avoid disappointment from this operation by understanding the real effects of this operation on you, and the future long term implications of the operation. Yes, there is no pain, no gain, but sometimes the pain is not worth it. Consider alternatives before these operations.

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