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A diet is an important part of our lives. To be on a healthy diet has many benefits. We can keep away from many diseases once we maintain a proper diet. It will keep our body healthy and fit. We have the power to prevent ourselves from falling sick. This can be done through eating healthily. Eating healthy can also increase a person’s life span. It is shown in many researches that people who eat healthy live longer than the people who don’t. We can maintain good health and physique just by following some simple guideline on the way we eat and live. It is an old saying that states that we are what we eat. This is very true. If we eat healthy we are healthy. If we eat scarce then we are sick. Eating healthily will fill our body with nutrition’s and help us fight several diseases. Despite the advertisements from various franchises which tend to confuse people and give them a wrong idea about a balanced diet, eating and living healthy is easier than you can imagine. All it takes is some dedication and resistance to urges. Once these are over come eating healthy can be both pleasant and enjoyable.

Living on a diet does not have to be complicated. Also there is not perfect diet. What diet routine works for you may not work for you friend also. The effectiveness of the diet depends largely on the body structure and also the age of a person. Also most importantly the effectiveness of a diet will depend on the type of activities that he or she carries out throughout the day. If the activities involve huge physical labor then he or she must eat a lot more than someone who sits at home working on the computer. Also a diet must contain of food that suites a person. If a particular person is allergic to some food that that should be defiantly avoided in the diet. Despite all this the basic diet of a person remains the same. A healthy diet should consider food from all food groups with all the nutrients present. This will help the person have enough nourishment in the body to keep him healthy and working throughout the day carrying out his daily activities. It should contain less to the harmful fats and calories and more of nutrients and proteins and higher fiber content.

Protein is very essential to the human body. As such it is very essential that we eat protein rich food. We should make it a point to eat about two to three serving of protein rich food every day. Adequate protein is most essential to the healthy body. It will ensure that we have enough muscle strength to carry out our daily activities and also maintain a lean body. It also helps us keep up our immune system .This ensures that we have enough strength to fight off diseases and stay healthy. Fish and meat are an excellent source of proteins. They should be consumed during every meal. But also it is not absolutely necessary that we should have to have fish at meal only for proteins. There are many substitutes to meat and fish with protein rich food like sot food, eggs and dry beans. Many people tend to ignore protein rich food. It is a common misconception that protein rich food makes you fat. Protein rich food will keep you healthy so that you can carry out your daily activities with ease and will give you strength so that you can avoid all forms of weakness. Also protein rich food will satisfy your hunger and keep you up and working till your next meal.

Fat food should be avoided. Would with a lot of fat contain cholesterol which is bad for health? There are wide alternatives to food that have fat in them. This includes ultra lean red meats pork and poultry products that are available in the market. This will help you get you daily dosage of proteins while staving off the harmful fat. Sea food is also a great alternative to protein food without fats. Seafood can range from containing moderately fat qualities to having no fat at all. They are a very good source of low fat proteins. The oil that is present in the fishes contains an essential kind of fat. This fat is known as omega 3 fat. Many people tend to ignore this fat in essential quantities. This fat is essential to the human body. The small fishes such as mackerel are rich in this oil. These fishes are considered extremely healthful and are considered as excellent alternatives to meat and poultry. Fish is very essential because of the omega 3 oil even though it is avoided buy many. Fish should be consumed at least 2 to 3 times a week. It can be a good substitute for meat.

Also for vegetarians there are plenty of alternatives from meat and fish. It is a myth that vegetarians get fewer proteins than non vegetarians. There are a lot of protein rich plant based products that are available that can be consumed in place of meat. They make a good alternative to fish and meat. Also for a regular meat eater, vegetables should constitute of half the meal. Otherwise the meal will not be balanced the person will up collecting more fat than proteins or minerals. Plant food is by nature low fat. Also it contains no cholesterol. They also contain health promoting phytochemicals that meat or seafood does not. So if a person is living on a meat diet then he or she will miss out on several of the most important nutrients. Dried beans, peas and lentils are some of the best alternatives to meat in terms of protein content. Soybean is one of the most popular legumes and is used in many preparations. Regulated health food stores also sell a number of plant based products that can be your substitute for meat.

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