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One of the reasons why most diets don’t work is because almost all people who decide to go on a diet are used to eating tasty foods.  Unfortunately, most of the ingredients in any dish that makes it tasty are usually fattening.  This is perhaps unavoidable as fatty products, along with trans-oils and sodium (salt) is what makes most foods taste good.  So when a person starts on a diet and he is told to eat only boiled broccoli with no sauce or seasoning and cauliflower to go with it; then it is no wonder that most people have trouble keeping on the diet.  Many people will feel depressed leaving their meats and saucy vegetables for food that doesn’t taste well.  In fact, most nutritionists today emphasize that for any diet to be successful, the war against weight loss must be first fought in the brain.  It is an essential component of any weight loss program for you to first convince your mind and soul for a diet to work.  Of course, if the food that you are eating is also tasty in the process, then your weight loss program will be that much more enjoyable. This way you will get a joy in your diet and you can stay focused on your weight loss goal much more easily.

Thus, the Sonoma Diet has been born of this naturalistic philosophy.  It emphasizes that dieting should not be a torture session and you should enjoy what you are eating in order to be successful in your diet.  Therefore, the Sonoma Diet focuses on lots of gourmet food ingredients and gourmet seasonings to prepare diet food, which is poor in calories, but fortunately for you rich in taste.  In the Sonoma Diet, the emphasis is put on smaller portions and putting balanced foods together.  You are required to eat in smaller 9 ounce plates that will help you cut the portions to smaller sizes in your meals.  This way you learn portion control and with smaller plates, you are protected from overeating.  In addition, there is food allotment in the diet.  The Sonoma Diet emphasizes that some food should be put together and eaten, while some foods should be separated and definitely not eaten together.  Another important point in the Sonoma Diet is the fact that you must remove all traces of white refined sugar and white flour from your kitchen.  In fact, it is recommended that you do not keep them in your house, so that they don’t provide any trigger effect.

Sonoma Diet is a diet that can work if you adhere to its guidelines.  There are ten foods that are a vital component of the Sonoma Diet.  These vital foods and ingredients are important so that it they are vital part of any dish that you prepare.  Sonoma Diet does provide an overall solution by creating fresh and delicious dishes that you can eat anytime in the diet.  The best lean meats of the Sonoma Valley is used and hence the name Sonoma Diet.  Especially olive oil is the most important ingredient of this diet.  As it is known, the people in the Mediterranean usually live longer and healthier lives and they are mostly lean and slim.  This is perhaps due to the fact that olive oil is an integral part of the diet and it does not contain any trans fats.  Thus, it helps keep you slim and healthy.  In addition, special ingredients like bell pepper, some broccoli, and wheat berry are used to create special dishes that will help you have tasty dishes that you probably have not tasted while you were not dieting.

Sonoma Diet gradually lowers the restrictions while the phases increase.  It is important to adhere to the strict rules and guidelines in the diet.  As the phases progress in your diet, then you are allowed to eat some foods like fat free yoghurt and even some sweets that you were not allowed to eat before.  Although alcohol is explicitly forbidden on the first phase of the diet, it is especially recommended in the other phases.  However, the consumption of alcohol is only restricted to a glass of wine every day (red or white doesn’t matter) and no other type of alcohol.

Thus, the Sonoma Diet can be summarized as the gourmet diet for the rich.  Although you don’t need to buy any expensive meal supplements, the ingredients for the Sonoma diet can be bit expensive.   The ingredients like olive oil, fresh almonds, bell peppers, and fresh blueberries can be hard to find especially in the winter season.  Thus getting most of these ingredients at special times in the year can be very difficult and expensive.  So, if you are on the Sonoma Diet, you should know that it might make your grocery bills more expensive.  Nevertheless, you will be eating good foods like stuffed bell peppers and chicken with almonds to make a memorable eating experience.

One of the disadvantages of the Sonoma diet is definitely the lack of exercise in the weight loss program.  The emphasis is entirely placed on smaller dish sizes and allotment of food.  Of course, you have hundreds of delicious but low calorie recipes to choose from for your diet.  However although doing exercise is recommended, there is no specific plan for exercise that is provided for you.  This can be bad for you, as most people will just see this as an excuse to not do exercises all together.  However, for people who can afford the ingredients, the Sonoma diet is a diet that is fit for the noble people.  The delicious foods show you that you do not need to feel tortured, especially when you are in a diet.  Sonoma Diet also does help you incorporate a life style that can help you be successful in a lifelong quest to stay healthy and fit without any extra weight.  Also with the delicious recipes, it is easier to commit on this diet.

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