Super fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are an essential part of our daily diet, or at least they should be. Statistics show that almost nobody eats the recommended seven servings daily and this is a very frightening fact. It is also not very understandable, since everyone will find vegetables that taste good to them and fruits are sweet, just like candy. Among the main excuses given for not eating seven servings of fruits and vegetables each and every day is that people don’t know which are really good for them and also they don’t know how to prepare them. These are simple obstacles to overcome and a little research and practice is all that is needed to add super fruits and vegetables to your diet as well as to that of your family.

Some fruits and vegetables are better than others

At some point or other you probably have heard some mention of super fruits and vegetables. These do exist and are called so because of their outstanding qualities, such as being low in calories and high in fiber, antioxidants, phytochemicals, minerals and vitamins. It is important to know about the make-up of the fruits and vegetables you eat since not all have the same characteristics and some can even make you fat, which might be good to know if you need to lose weight. Bananas and papayas are great examples of fruits that are healthy in some ways, but also high in calories. This is also why they do not count as super fruits. Super fruits and vegetables are called so, because they have a higher level of healthiness to them than other foods in their class.

Knowing what fruits and vegetables are considered super has another benefit and that would be that by eating the right foods that you may cut down the recommended servings from seven to five, just because some are so good that they can count as two servings. One myth that has to be broken when discussing super fruits and vegetables is that only fresh servings count. Many are not familiar with the preparation of exotic vegetables or do not know how to cut some fruits, but preparing only from fresh materials is not always necessary. The best example of this would be tomato mark. This can be used to make tomato sauce with for pasta or to add to rice or even as the base ingredient for a pizza sauce and it is also something that everyone knows of and how to use. Tomato mark in cans or tubes is actually healthier and contains more nutrients than fresh tomatoes and one of the main benefits of tomatoes is a substance called lycopene. Lycopene has been shown to fight off certain types of cancer, like lung or prostate, and it is in fact made more available through the cooking process. This means that eating a sauce made from tomato mark will have more of this substance for your body to use than freshly sliced tomatoes on your sandwich. This only shows that knowledge is the key to adding the right super fruits and vegetables to your daily dietary intake.

Which foods are considered super fruits and vegetables?

Scientists have studied the substances found in our foods for a long time now and there are certain foods that are considered superior. The best way to learn about super fruits and vegetables would be to categorize them. This makes it easier to remember which foods are a must to purchase when shopping and will help you make wiser eating decisions. Instead of having two main groups and then sub-categorizing, experts have put fruits and vegetables into one main category and then used their coloring to classify them. There are five main categories for super fruits and those would be the super reds, oranges, greens, whites and purples.  This is possible since scientists have realized that the nutrients and characteristics of fruits and vegetables are more closely related to the outer coloring than the fact of them being a fruit or a vegetable. This also means that in order to have a well balanced diet including fruits and vegetables that you will also have to vary your intake according to the food color. In other words, you cannot eat only from one group color and not the others. For example, you cannot have foods from the red group everyday and ignore the white, purple, green and orange ones. Only if you eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables will you be able to reap the benefits.

To start off with there is the super red group of fruits and vegetables. The foods considered to be super in this category are tomatoes, red peppers, pink grapefruit and watermelons. In the white group the super fruits and vegetables are mushrooms, onions, cauliflower and bananas. These four foods contain a high amount of substances that lower blood pressure and protect against stomach cancer. The green supers include spinach, broccoli, Brussels sprouts and collard greens. The super green fruits and vegetables are high in foliate and also reduce risks for heart attacks, strokes and cancer causing chemicals. In the super orange food group are oranges, carrots, mangos and pumpkins. All of these super fruits and vegetables help prevent cancer and heart disease, as well as increase the functions of your immune system. The final group is the super purple group which includes grapes (concord), blueberries and prunes. These foods have substances which reduce clotting and which also prevent heart disease and cancer.

As you can see, you will only have a healthy and balanced diet if you eat super fruits and vegetables from all of the color categories. To claim that one cannot prepare such foods is also very unfounded since most of the supers include very common, well known and easy to prepare fruits and vegetables. Nobody can claim that they do not know how to prepare a banana or blueberry and using tomato mark is also not difficult. The best way to improve your health, lose weight and maintain a healthy weight would be to keep these super fruits and vegetables in mind when shopping and then instead of sweets, purchase items from this list.

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make sense and easy to remember.
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