Ten Tips To Get You Into Exercise Regime

What follows are ten easy tips and tricks that you can easily do in order to get in that exercise regimen you desperately want and need.

1. Prioritize your exercise routine. Make it as important, if not more important, than some of those other things you insist on doing like watching television or going out to the bar. Those things can wait. It seems we can always make the time for frivolous activities but rarely anything as important as our own health. It takes some serious motivation in order to kick yourself into gear. If you wish to exercise and make it a cornerstone of your new life then it has to be made into a priority.

2. Repetition is the key to any successful activity. It does not matter if you are doing it for work or for play, for a hobby or whatever. You need to do constantly do something in order for it to sink in and become a habit. Exercise is no different. The hardest part, however, is taking that first step. This goes back to tip number one. Once you make your health and exercise a priority then repetition is easy. Doing your hair, make-up, taking a shower or brushing your teeth were all easy enough to get into a groove with - exercise is just as important.

3. Get up an hour earlier every morning. It is easier than it seems. Miss an hour of television the night before (or record it) or eat an hour earlier, walk the dog earlier - whatever it takes. If you work out in the morning you are more likely to be able to get a work out in without being interrupted. It also sets your body up to be more receptive to outside surroundings.

4. Television can be classified as an evil entity in my book. It can easily be attributed to the rise in obesity - more so than fatty foods from fast food joints. It has caused us to live sedentary lifestyles and get content and lazy. The easy solution is to just get up and turn it off. If you do not want to miss a show then work out an exercise plan that you can do in tandem with your television watching.

5. Get up an hour earlier than you have to. You know how long it takes you to get ready in the morning. Consider that you start work at 9 o’clock in the morning. Women tend to take longer to get ready in the morning but time yourself, too guys. Over the last few years we have been getting just as bad with out grooming habits. In either case you can take an hour onto your normal get up time.

6. Use your lunch breaks at work to their fullest advantage. Instead of running out of the office to grab a dollar menu burger and fries use it wisely by exercising on your lunch break then eating a protein bar or drinking a protein shake to rejuvenate your cells.

7. If you enjoy reading you can combine both reading and exercise. For example you can attach a book holder to the treadmill and your book to it. You can get a nice jog in while reading.

8. Do your neighborhood socializing on the move. Do not invite people over to the house or apartment to watch some television. Instead walk outside to where your friends are and knock on the door - invite them out for a walk and talk. You will not only get in your exercise but have a buddy to go along with you - duped into working out with you. It may be sneaky, but it works.

9. As you go about your routine spend a few minutes writing down what you are doing, when you are doing it and how long you are doing it. After a week of writing this down sit comfortable and analyze your time table. Examine it like a doctor would a patient on the operating table. Time organization tends to be the biggest downfall of anyone looking to exercise or eat right so take heed.

10. As a culture we like anything that we perceive as fun. This includes getting our bodies painted with needles or hanging from hooks. It is always a mental game. If we think it is fun it will be fun. You just need to be able to look at exercise in a different light.

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Gud ideas ,,,,,,,wow
By: deep 9 years ago
It really seems helpful
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this is very informative love it
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its too good....... must be try...
By: Deepa 10 years ago
this ideas r good &will work
By: manmeet 10 years ago
wow great and good ideas...thanks
By: venkat 10 years ago
This is true but the point is I cannt control my eating.....planning point is good.
By: Mr Cool 10 years ago
By: RASCEL 10 years ago
kya bukwas hai
By: rony 10 years ago
its realy a good idea
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