The art of saying "No, thanks."

Why Can’t You Say An Outright No? Losing weight and keeping it off entail a lot of effort and sacrifices, from having a regular workout to letting go of food cravings. We have to refrain ourselves from giving in to the whims of our appetite, worse, say “no” to food invitations. Admit it, it’s hard. Below are the reasons why. “NO” has a very negative and unfriendly spirit when uttered.

  1. We don’t want to offend and refuse people who are hospitable and nice.
  2. It’s human nature to want to fit in and belong to a crowd.
  3. Food and drinks are fundamentals in social events like birthdays, victory parties, anniversaries, Christmas, Easter, etc.
  4. Say “no” and be ready to answer the follow-up question, “why.”

Why Do You Have To Say It Even If You Don’t Want To Say It?

Saying “No, thanks” is easier to say depending on our commitment to achieving weight loss. It’s a matter of engraving the following reasons to our heads to make us guilt-free every time we say it.

  • It’s necessary to say no to food and drink when shedding off extra pound to help us control food intake, thus, minimizing calorie consumption.
  • Less time and brain power are used in doing the summation of all the calories taken by eating different foods. Oh, we can also save ourselves from the hassle of analyzing is the food is healthy or unhealthy, if it is rich in carbohydrates or rich in proteins.
  • Dieters may likely refuse certain foods or to the social gathering itself a number o times in a year. Getting used to saying the phrase will eradicate the guilty feeling and make it sound casual rather than offensive to the host. Practice makes perfect still applies to this.
  • Choosing the right kind of food and limiting our food intake don’t mean that we are different and we are outcasts from the carbo-rich world our family and friends live in. We can have what they have and enjoy the decrease in numbers if we do things right.

Questions With Only “No, thanks” as Answer. Strictly for Dieters

Imbibe the “No, thanks” mantra and say it nicely when asked with the following questions:

1.    Do you want some cheesy potato wedges for starters?
2.    Do you want some biscuits to go with your coffee?
3.    Do you want to have another glass of wine?
4.    Do you want to upgrade your meal?
5.    Do you want a slice of blueberry cheesecake?
6.    Do you want a chocolate bar?
7.    Do you want a can of soda?
8.    Do you want anything for dessert?
9.    Do you want to have more food?
10.    Do you want fries with your burger?
Automatically say “No, thanks” if you find the offer unnecessary, unhealthy or high in calories.

Justify “No, thanks.”

Refusing a food invitation is hard because there’s the fear to offend the host and there’s a need to justify the answer most of the time. “I’m on a diet” and “I’m watching what I eat’ are overused replies. Here are some lines to add to the phrase to prevent giving lame excuses.

  1. My stomach feels weird today.
  2. I’ve been suffering from heartburn. Eating up may flare it up.
  3. The food smells and looks nice. I’ll definitely have some later.
  4. I’m still full from my previous meal.
  5. I’m not hungry yet but I’d love to bring home some with me.
  6. I’m not allowed to eat after taking medicines. Doctor’s advice.

Remember to refuse nicely and be generous in giving compliments.

Plan Ahead

Preplanning is a very effective way to control eating tendencies at social gatherings. There is no need to say “No, thanks” and come up with excuses if you have planned ahead.

An example is, discreetly informing the host that your choices of foods are limited so there should be something in there that you are comfortable eating and drinking. Or, if you are too shy to make a suggestion, bring something you can eat at the venue and make it appear like a food contribution for everybody’s consumption. Who knows? You may not be the only person there who is struggling in a weight loss battle.

Bottom line

“No, thanks” is just one of the phrases usually uttered by dieters. There are more. One by one, learn it by heart and work on it.

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