The good and the bad fats

Flavor! This is the reason why we love consuming fats so much. A gram of fat has over twice as many calories comparing it to a gram of carbohydrate and protein this is a fact that everyone should know especially those that are losing weight. Body fat and dietary fat are almost the same because dietary fat is very easy to store as body fat than carbohydrate or protein this is discussed in The Thermic Effect of Food.

The best representative for the mainly fat-laden food is cheese because it has a huge amount of calories originating from fat. Selecting the healthiest food to eat is important but it is also significant to know how they should be prepared before eating it.

A huge amount of fat is store in fried foods particularly deep-fried. When chicken and fish is fried they contain more fats considering that they are leaner comparing it to beef and or pork. Below is a set of figures for the amount of grams of fat in chicken breast basing on how it is cooked.

Chicken Breast Cooking Method Fat
Meat Only, Roasted    3.1
Meat Only, Fried    4.1
Meat and Skin, Batter Fried    18.5

 Beware of condiments that has a large amount of fat examples of this are mayonnaise and salad dressings. This kind of food negates the strong aspects of a meal and hugely increases the calorie count. One way to get rid off or reduce the intake of such food replace it with fat-free substitutes like fat-free mustard, yogurt, barbecue sauce and ketchup.

It has already been proven for many years that people who are leaving in countries consuming low fat and plant-based foods have smaller cases of obesity, cancer, heart problems and other serious ailments. But when fat-laden foods are already introduced to these countries either by Western diet the originally small rate of obesity dramatically increases.

Although many people say that fat is bad for your health it is not all true at all time because it also needs it to retain a healthy body. The role of fats in our body is that it helps in absorbing some nutrients like vitamins and is an important part for building body cells and tissue. What most people are doing today is that they consume so little good fats needed for best health and consume a huge amount of bad fats.

Kinds of Fat

The typical effect of a high-fat diet is that it elevates the risk of cancer and heart disease but take note a low-fat diet might be worse because it has that wrong kinds of fats. So the next paragraphs introduce some of the several kinds of fat we consume.

1.    Saturated Fats: This kind of fats is typically solid at room temperature and it contains carbon atoms, which have all the hydrogen atoms they can hold therefore the term “saturated.”
 The foods where you can get saturated fats are in most animal products like ice cream, milk, cheese, fat found in meat and lard. In plants, coconut and palm oil is where saturated fats are found commonly called as tropical oils.

2.    Unsaturated Fats
        3. Monosaturated fats: this kind of fats comes from vegetables. They become less fluid when they are refrigerated and at room temperature they remain liquid.
            -Examples of foods that contain this kind of fat are olive and peanut oils, canola, avocados, many nuts and seeds and olives.

    4. Polyunsaturated fats: this kind of fat comes from vegetables too but they only stay liquid at both room temperature and when it is refrigerated.
            - Examples of food that has this kind of fat are sunflower, corn, soybean oils and safflower, mayonnaise, fish, and many nuts and seeds.

Therefore, unsaturated fats are far more, better than saturated fats.

       5.Trans fat or Hydrogenated Fats: When you add hydrogen in a process together with unsaturated vegetables hydrogenated fats are created. This kind of fat is almost the same as saturated fats. What makes them saleable is that it they last longer and stay solid at room temperature.
         -Examples of foods that have this kind of fat are crackers, margarine, many commercially baked goods including cookies, doughnuts and pastries, and deep-fried chips and foods. So in general it composes all the junk food, which we love to it.
        -Comparing it to saturated fats trans fat increases blood cholesterol more. What trans fat do to our body is it increases the “LDL” or bad cholesterol while decreasing HDL or good cholesterol. Be aware of trans fat by reading the label or nutritional facts of the food that you are going to eat ingredients can                     sometimes contain hydrogenated and hydrogenated oils.

Most of us are easily convinced that food with labeled “cholesterol free” is safe. So look closely food that has hydrogenated oils or trans fat it can be harmful for everybody.

    6. Essential fatty acids: These kinds of fat cannot be produced by our body so they must be eaten because they are also needed for good health. The main essential fatty acids are an omega 6 fat, linoleum acid and alpha-linoleuic acid, which is an omega 3 fat.
        -Most of us are not aware that we are consuming more omega 6 fats than omega 3 fats, which are more needed to promote good health. You can find omega 6 fats in polyunsaturated fats like safflower and com oils. Where in omega 3 fats are found in walnuts, flaxseed, green soybeans, certain fish and tofu including albacore tuna, lake trout, salmon sardines, herring and mackerel.

It is not clearly defined what is the real content of a specific fat as these explanations would like you to believe. Like for instance beef fat has only over a half saturated but still it is considered as saturated. Olive oil actually has over three-quarters monounsaturated but still it is listed as monounsaturated.

Most people use olive oil believing that it is a healthier fat while in fact it is still pure fat and 14% of it is saturated.

The right amount of cholesterol, which is a waxy material, can also promote good health. When cholesterol is taken in excess, this will result in cholesterol being collected in the arteries, which results to heart ailments.

Not like essential fatty acids cholesterol are being produced by our body in sufficient amount and we obtain extra cholesterol when we consume blood that comes from consumption of other animals. Examples of food that contains cholesterol are egg yolks, high-fat dairy products, shellfish, and liver and other organ meats and poultry skin. Foods that contain almost no cholesterol are plants, which are almost considered cholesterol-free.

But what about the Intuits
Many of us do not know about the Inuit people who lived in Canadian and Alaskan Arctic regions where they have consumed a very large amount of fat and high cholesterol diet. Although they have this kind of lifestyle they experienced only little cases of heart ailments until such time that they are introduced to the Western diet.

But it is not for us to blame the Western diet because from the start they already are consuming foods high in fat. It is not entirely the Western diet, which contributes to the existence of heart ailments, but the heavily processed foods that we and the Intuits consume.

Reducing the intake of foods containing saturated fats, cholesterol and foods high in fat we can avoid having such ailments, which is recommended by the American Heart Association. Most of us consider that cholesterol and saturated fats are to be blamed but other people recent this idea but on the other side trans fat are no doubt bad for our health it is just that all fats were lumped altogether and labeled “bad” that results to the unjust perception we have on cholesterol and saturated fats.

Even though Intuits were consuming foods high in fat they also consume omega 3 fats that helps protect the heart from heart diseases. But you cannot totally look at cholesterol as the bad influence, because the ratio between bad (HDL) and “good” (LDL) cholesterol can have an important effect; despite the fact that HDL increases the level of entire cholesterol in the body it may also have a good effect on our health.

Therefore after reading this article you will come to know that there are really “good” fats and “bad” fats but not all “bad” fats can cause harm to your health as long as they are taken with the right amount. You might be confused and all but it takes practice and a lot of information to understand fully its concept. But let the experts sort things out and explain and while they are doing this you can depend on one thing that is all as long as you eat foods that are healthy, clean and unprocessed you will be living a long and healthy life like the Intuits and the other population from yester-years. Remember, “Health is wealth”.

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