Three types of everyday activities

There are three types of activates you need to do to keep your body healthy: endurance activities, flexibility activities, and strength activities. Do a variety from each group to get the most health benefits. This article will give you the list of activates to choose from.
Take a look and see what activities appeal to you. Choosing things you like to do is one of the best ways to build regular physical activity into your life.

1.  Endurance Activities:
Endurance activities help your heart; lungs and circulatory system stay healthy and give you more energy. They range from walking and household everyday jobs to organized exercises programs and recreational sports.

  • Below are some examples of endurance activities:
  • Walking
  • Golfing (Without a ride-on cart)
  • Yard and garden work
  • Propelling a wheelchair
  • Cycling
  • Skating
  • Continuous Swimming
  • Tennis
  • Dancing

2.     Flexibility Activities:
Flexibility activities help you to move easily, keeping your muscles relaxed and your joints mobile. Regular flexibility activates can help you to live better, longer, so that your quality of life and independence are maintained as you get older. Flexibility activities include gentle reaching, bending, and stretching of all your muscles groups.

Here are some ideas to help you increase your flexibility activities:

  • Gardening
  • Mopping the floor
  • Yard work
  • Vacuuming
  • Stretching Exercises
  • Tai Chi
  • Golf
  • Bowling
  • Yoga
  • Curling
  • Dance

3.     Strength Activities:
Strength activities help your muscles and bones stay strong, improve your posture and help to prevent diseases like osteoporosis. Strength activities are those that make you push or pull hard to open a heavy door.

To ensure good overall Strength, try to do a combination of activities that exercise the muscles in your arms, mid-section, and legs. Strive for a good balance – upper body and lower body, right and left sides, and opposing muscles groups (e.g. both the front and back of the upper arm).

Here are some ideas to increase your Strength activities:

  • Heavy yard work, such as cutting and piling wood
  • Raking and carrying leaves
  • Lifting and carrying groceries (not to mention infants and toddlers!)
  • Climbing stairs
  • Exercise like abdominal curls and push-ups
  • Wearing a backpack and carrying school books
  • Weight/Strength-Training routines.


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