Tips To Divest Yourself Of Overeating

Divest yourself of overeating

The key to losing weight is not only eating healthy and exercising. Health and fitness experts also believe that understanding why and how we eat is vital for losing weight. Slowly and gradually incorporating these tips will help you in keeping your weight under control.

Do It Slow
People just don't realize that they eat faster than their body could accommodate food. Well, who could we actually blame? I mean, our lifestyle dictates everything that we do. It even tells us when and what to eat. From our job to our kids, finding time to just eat, and, I mean, truly eat is just seemingly impossible. That's why we just have to eat while we do other things – while driving and just between errands. But because our lifestyle won't allow us to just eat – in the purest sense of the word – strive to do just that when you just find time. Do it leisurely. When you eat, you must truly eat; savor the flavor, know the ingredients, and pretend as if it was the last time that you'll be eating. By simply eating slow, you would be able to hear and know the signals that your body is sending you.

Color It
We all know the effect of color with our appetite. To control your hunger pangs, check the colors around. Is your plate red? This is the reason why you should opt for lighter colors. Studies show that a person may be prompted to eat more when surrounded by darker colors. Yellow, oranges, and reds are the colors that best stimulate your appetite. That's why more and more fast food places are switching to these hues. To better manage and control your appetite, consider switching to colors that have a cooling effect not only with your stomach but also to your eyes. Re-paint your kitchen walls either with mint green or try the known relaxing effect of baby or light blue.

Cool It Down
Don't meet a fiery dinner with fire. Instead, try to relax and de-stress before hitting the dinner table. If you just came home from a really toxic day at work, try to listen to some of your favorite music or read a really relaxing book. People who are stressed, tend and resort to food to calm their senses are more prone to over indulging and, indeed, over eating. Do yourself a favor by simply de-stressing before preparing the table. Of course, you would be able to savor the food and even enjoy the company more when you are at peace and calm.

Gulp It Down
And we're talking about some pure and cool water. Instead of drinking some ice, cold soda, opt for water before heading to the dinner table. This would make you feel much fuller, which is just what you need to prevent overeating. Studies also show that drinking cold water before and after dinner gives that extra boost that your body needs to increase your metabolism, therefore, making your body burn extra calories at no time.

Move Away
When you are done with your meal, try to move away from the dinner table – and, I mean, truly move away. Step to your living room or just sit in your study area. By simply gearing away from the dinner table and kitchen area, your body would start to pick the signal that, indeed, dinner time is over. Do something to shift your thinking like reading the papers, answering mail, and even listening to music. Simply taking some time from the kitchen and dining area will tell your body to stop craving for more food. Do not stay on the dining area for this would only make you munch more for leftovers and some piece of desert cake.
Don't Do So Many Things
Just eat when you are trying to do just that. Reading the paper or watching the TV while eating would only take your attention away from food. The more attention your give to other things aside from eating, the more you would lose track of the food portion that you have been stashing in your mouth.

Not only will this be bad for your goal of losing weight, this habit would just simply rule over your other activities. Your body is so much acquainted to eat while, say, reading the papers, you are actually more prone to forming a habit of reading and eating even if you are not hungry or would not want to eat at all.

Let It Stay Where It's Suppose To
Eat where you are supposed to eat. Avoid bringing the food, and eating it, in front of the TV or in the study area. Do not let your food go where it shouldn't be.

Smaller Plate, Smaller Portion
The size of your plate says it all. Study shows that people who use smaller plate is more likely to opt for smaller food portion than those who utilize bigger ones. Use small, eat small.

Opt for Starters
Eating and enjoying a bowl of comforting chicken soup or some vegetable salad would definitely fill you before you devour the main course. By filling yourself with some really satisfying and tasty starters, the less you are likely to indulge and opt for a second serving of the calorie-rich main dish.

Go Only for the First
Some people fill their plate so they would not have to go for a second serving. Consider this, once the food is in your plate, the more you would be tempted to eat all that's in it. Serve yourself a considerable portion of the food. When you're done with it, consider if you really just need a second serving. By simply taking your time, you would hear your body signals more clearly telling you that it is already full and satisfied.

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