Top 5 Breakfast foods

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. To start the day right, you have to eat right, too. I have listed below the top 5 breakfast foods according to their nutritional value. The list is arranged from fifth to first, with the fifth being the least healthy and the first the most packed with nutrition. Some of you may agree with this, others may not. Regardless, here is my top 5 list:

5.  Sausage & Bacon
Let's face it, though bacons and sausages taste the most delicious among my top 5, they are definitely unhealthy. However, they serve a different purpose. Sausages and bacons work as a double-edged sword. Rather than a nutritional booster, sausages and bacons are more of a mental booster. It is a known fact that the major content of sausages and bacons are fats, calories and cholesterol, making it a bad choice for breakfast. However, the "guilt" feel and the mental suggestions of working out given by eating sausages and bacon takes it up a notch as a top choice for breakfast. I'm sure you'd be working out after feeling fat when you eat bacons and sausages. In a more positive light, these foods are meat – sources of protein, albeit in little quantities.
You can prepare these foods boiled or with little oil, and partnered with high fiber bread and poof, you get a semi-healthy meal. Be sure to eat small amounts, though, and balance it with fiber.

4.  Oatmeal Pancakes with Fruit
Yes, you heard me and read it correctly – oatmeal pancakes. Pancakes are delicious, but they are not that nutritious. Oatmeal on the other hand, is very nutritious, but with the grainy taste, it makes it very difficult to eat it. Eating healthy doesn't mean you need to eat tasty food. Mix the oatmeal with pancakes, and top it off with fruit. This recipe gives you the full amount of fiber, carbohydrates and protein you will need for the day. Not only this, oatmeals contain fiber that is clinically found to be aiding in the lowering of cholesterol levels. Dietary fiber found in oatmeal also aids digestion.

3.   Low Fat Cottage Cheese
Now you've got sources of carbohydrates and fiber, next you will need protein to build those muscles. Eating meat is good, but it may take in fat and oil as well. By far the best choice is a low-fat source. Try low-fat cottage cheese. Cottage cheese contains the protein "Casein" which is technically the slowest protein when it comes to breaking down. As your body just got up from a night of fasting, you will need all the protein you need until lunch time.

2.  Oatmeal / Low Fat Granola
Second to the top one breakfast choice is by far the most versatile food I have ever encountered. Eat it as a hot cereal, a cold drink, and even an energy bar, oatmeal and granola will surely give you that nutritious kick in your breakfast. Topping this off with milk creates a balanced and perfect breakfast.
Oatmeal provides optimum amounts of carbohydrates to get both body and mind going on for the duration of the day. A variation of the traditional oatmeal is granola. Used as either a main meal or a snack, granola contains the proper nutrients to replenish lost energy when working out.
1.  Muesli
If oatmeal and granola is just secondary in the top choice for breakfast foods, then what is the healthiest? The answer is a hundred year old recipe from a Swiss doctor called the muesli. Muesli is claimed to be the perfect breakfast recipe – made up of oats, nuts and fruits which are usually berries. To add taste to the muesli, milk or yogurt may be added. Basically, muesli is the perfect breakfast food because it contains optimum amounts of protein, calcium, fatty acids and has a good ratio of the complex to simple carbohydrate levels. Aside from this, the nuts and fruits contain antioxidants, and vitamins. Not only is muesli healthy, it also is very delicious.

You can make your own muesli right at your own home with the ingredients bought from your local grocery. Choose rolled oats or rolled grain such as barley and wheat. Pick your favorite nuts as you should be enjoying what you're eating. For fruits, choose dried fruit or frozen fruits. Mix them all up, give them a good boil for say, a few five to ten minutes, and voila, your very own muesli is ready to eat. This tasty treat keeps you going for the day and is packed with the right amounts of dietary needs. Eat moderately, and eat smart.

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