Ultimate New York Diet

Most of us remember Franks Sinatra’s famous song: New York, New York.  It is a very famous song that symbolizes the most cosmopolitan city in the world.  New York has become the symbol of our aspirations and a symbol of diversity all pitted together to symbolize the American Dream.  Not only is New York the most cosmopolitan city in the world, it is also the cultural center of the world with Broadway and it is the financial center of the world with the Wall Street.   New York almost has a magical quality about it that is inviting and invigorating to us all.  However, living in New York is not an easy task and it usually requires lots of stress, very fast living life style, and having very little time to do all the things that you need to do.

The Ultimate New York Diet was designed initially for New Yorkers who didn’t even have time for a decent diet and who were living on fast foods alone, besides all the commotion and running around from place to place.  Therefore, a normal diet that might have worked for a normal person, just would not work for a New Yorker.  The Ultimate New York Diet was specially formulated, so that people with limited time could still be on a good and healthy weight loss program.  Of course, the Ultimate New York Diet is not just for New Yorkers; but for anyone who is living a New Yorker’s life style and who wants to lose weight and live healthy.

The Ultimate New York Diet puts equal emphasis on both exercise and low calorie eating for you to lose weight. The Ultimate New York diet was founded by fitness trainer David Kirsch who has used his experience with celebrities, CEO’s, and working Moms to create a special diet suited to their needs.  In this diet, you are supposed to eat well below 1000 calories per day in order to lose weight.  Ultimate New York Diet is a very strict plan in which you are required to abstain from white sugar and white flour.  You are also urged to stop eating all kinds of junk food and fast food altogether.  Almost any food or carbohydrate that has high calorie content is definitely off limits in this diet, in all phases of it.  Alcohol is definitely forbidden on the first phase of the New York diet, but after the second phase, it can be introduced in moderation and under restriction.

For the diet part, there are pros and cons of the Ultimate New York Diet.  The pros is the fact that you are put on a very strict diet and thus your calorie levels are really put down so that you do not gain new calories at all.  1000 calories per day forces your body to burn fat cells and this effect accumulates in the Ultimate New York Diet.  After several weeks, you are able to give significant pounds in your quest for weight loss.  In addition, another advantage of the Ultimate New York Diet is the fact that you do not need to buy any meal supplements.  Most diets are quite expensive due to the fact that they either require you to buy meal supplements or they ask you to buy very expensive ingredients that may be hard to find especially in the winter season.  In the Ultimate New York Diet, no such condition exists and the foods to be prepared are not too complicated.  In fact, they are made so that they could be prepared in short notice, especially for people who have limited time life style.

However, for the disadvantages of the Ultimate New York Diet, there are many disadvantages.  The first disadvantage is the fact that the suggested target for 1000 calories per day can be very low for some people.  In fact, some people may feel dizziness and lethargy due to this low intake of calories. Another problem with the Ultimate New York Diet is the fact that it is too strict in its requirements and thus you may not receive all the nutritional requirements that you may need.  Especially the fact that no fruit is allowed on the first part of the diet is very restrictive nutrition wise. This can be bad for some people and although they may lose some weight, it may even cost them their health.  So as far as the diet habits go, the ultimate New York diet must be done under physician supervision for maximum benefit.

The exercise part of the Ultimate New York Diet is however very advantageous and it is definitely recommended to all dieters no matter which diet they are on.  The exercise that Kirsch has designed for New York style people is absolutely fabulous.  The exercises in the Ultimate New York Diet are made in such a way that they can be performed in 10 minute bursts.  These exercises are also designed, so that they can be done anywhere, any time.  Whether you want to do it in your office or in your home, it doesn’t matter.  You can even do some of them on the way to work.  However, the Ultimate New York Diet stresses the fact that these exercises must be done in intensity and in frequency to be beneficial.  In addition, the exercises in the Ultimate New York Diet are designed so that they allow you to lose weight and you also keep fit and healthy at the same time.

So in short summary, the Ultimate New York Diet is a diet that does help you lose weight, especially for people who are always on the go and who has limited time for exercises and for dieting.   However, it is best if the dieting part is perhaps substituted with a healthier diet that allows you more than 1000 calories per day.  But the exercise part of the Ultimate New York Diet is unquestionably one of the most practical exercise programs that are suited for almost anybody, anywhere.

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