Unexpected causes of weight gain

Why is it difficult to lose weight? We increase our body’s weight when we eat more than we can burn off but this statement is not true all the time. Because there are ailments that contribute to gain weight which are food sensitivity, hypothyroidism, cushing’s syndrome, prescription drug use, organ disease, blood sugar imbalance, anxiety and essential fatty acid deficiency.

Food Sensitivity
The reactions of foods can happen many hours after eating like swelling and bloating in the feet, hands, ankles, abdomen, around the eyes and chin, reaction is not always immediate. Inflammation and the release of certain hormones cause weight gain because it retains fluid in the body. A swollen belly and gas production can be caused by the fermentation of foods in the intestines, in particular carbohydrates.
If you experience indigestion or heartburn, depression, fatigue, arthritis or joint pain, chronic respiratory (wheezing, bronchitis or sinus clogging), canker sores, headache, bowel problems like constipation and diarrhea you might have food insensitivity.

Appetite loss and slow weight gain and decrease of metabolism of food is cause by Thyroid hormone deficiency. Protein deposits in the body can cause weight gain, which starts, from fluid retention and fat collection.
The symptoms of hypothyroidism can include: lethargy, fatigue, decreased sweating, swelling around the eyes or face, coarse or dry skin, hoarse voice and slow speech, intolerance to cold, weakness and headache.

Cushing’s syndrome
An excess of the hormone cortisol is referred to the ailment called Cushing’s syndrome. The effect of this ailment is that it fat is accumulated in the face, upper back and abdomen and when this happens it results to a “moon” face and “buffalo hump” and legs and the arms stay slim.

Prescription Drug use
There are contraceptives or pills that increase your appetite and cause fluid retention these are the oral and hormone replacement therapy contraceptives, which contains estrogen. It is known to many that steroids can cause weight gain, anti-depressants, anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and diabetic medications are the other drugs that cause weight gain.

 Blood Sugar imbalance
You might think that when you consume a small amount of simple, refined carbohydrates it won’t affect your weight well it does because it causes rapid fluid fluctuation in blood sugar levels. Simply eating a bar of chocolate increase the number of sugar in the blood. It causes sugar to be stored away and blood sugar levels decreases this happens when hormone insulin is released and this causes for you to crave for more sweets in order to balance your blood sugar.

Essential Fatty Acid Deficiency
There are fat that is good and needed by our body like flaxseed oil it makes hormones and retains the body’s metabolic rate it is collectively called as Essential Fatty Acids. But it causes cravings for fatty foods if you have Essential Fatty Acid deficiency.
Scaly skin, dandruff and dry hair are often the first signs for this deficiency. It is also related with eczema, heart disease, arthritis, premenstrual syndrome and diabetes.

Organ enlargement like ovarian cyst and obstruction of lymph fluid also causes weight gain. All the signs and symptoms listed above may not appear so if you feel something is wrong consult a qualified health practitioner to be properly diagnosed. Now that you have come to know the causes of weight gain you should be more careful of the food that you are eating because eating a well-balanced diet is better than eating anything you want but at the end it causes you serious health problems. Remember, “Health is Wealth”.

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