Water: The Real Answer to Weight Loss

Stop rolling those eyes of yours! The secret formula that you have been looking for to eliminate excess body weight is just near you. We have lots of these around us; in fact, it is about two thirds of our planet. You might have tried doing all possible diets and exercise to rid those irritating fats but never get the desired result, then maybe it is just enough drinking water that you really need. Water is a very marvelous mineral that provides the key to weight loss.

Everyone might feel defensive but it is just normal. The fact is, there are many people that do not drink enough water. Most of them carry excessive pounds in their bodies because they do not drink enough water. Water is a nature’s magical weight-loss mineral.

To begin with, metabolism is the starting point. Metabolism as defined by Merriam Webster is “the process by which a substance as handled in the body. It has many forms but since we are talking about weight loss, we are talking about metabolism of fat. This is something about how the liver converts stored fat into energy. This is the main job of our liver, but it has other functions too. One of these other functions is to pick up the slack for our kidneys.

Kidney also needs plenty of water to do its own job. If it lacks water, the liver would have to work along on its own, thus decreasing its total productivity. As a result, metabolism of fat is not done as quickly and efficiently as it can if there were no enough water. So the stored fats are not converted into energy. Therefore, having no enough water in the body is not helpful to the liver and drives the body to store up fats.

In most cases, people have tried doing this but could not stand practicing this. It is just understandable that even if many decided to increase their water intake, only few can stand doing it in the long run. Drinking more water than a person used to, leads to more bathroom excretion than normal. And this will result to some changes in everyday life. This can be very irritating even if it can only take place for the first few days of trial. This can drive discouragement to continue. That is why many people could not stand practicing it.

On the contrary, this is something advantageous. The body is just putting out the excess water that it does not need. These are those water, which stays in the ankles, hips, thighs, and maybe even in the belly. The body will get used to having enough water and thus, it would notice that it does not need storing anymore. Eventually, it would stop excreting excessively and would allow the body to return to normal life. This situation is commonly known as the “breakthrough point.”

In the meantime, it was once reported that caffeine also increases body’s potential to burn fat. This news has driven many people to increase caffeine intake and then go to the gym. Perhaps it possesses some truth. However, what caffeine actually does is increase heart rate. Caffeine is a diuretic and diuretics dehydrate. This is not helpful for the health. Because of this, more calories are being burned. But this does not do the body any favor. It only burns calories at the expense of the muscles and increase the job of the heart after work out making it tired. Therefore, caffeine plus exercise is not advisable. In fact, caffeine must be avoided.

Another majestic use of water is as beauty treatment. Even in high school, water is taught as the best beauty treatment. Water can do many wonders in the physical appearance. It rinses out the skin, puts out the impurities and gives the clear and glowing complexion that everyone dreams. Having enough water in the body hydrates the skin cells. It is very important to see to it that the skin cells are always hydrated to avoid the skin from becoming saggy. Weight loss or aging is the primary cause of saggy skin. Thus, it is very important to give the body enough water.  Water can make the skin look beautiful, healthy and younger.

Water also improves muscle tone. Even if a person lifts weight very often, pleasant appearance could not be possibly achieved if the muscle suffers from drought. Water is needed by the muscle to contract more easily. By these, working out would be more effective and provides nicer look.

It was commonly known that a person needs eight glasses of water a day. Water requirement for a day actually depends on the weight of a person. For an average person, eight 8-ounce glass of water to about 2 quarts would be enough. But for an overweight person, eight ounces more for every twenty-five excess pounds in body weight is needed. This also applies to people who are living in a hot climate or who exercise very intensely.

It is also important to divide the volume of water to be consumed throughout the day. Drinking too much water at one time is not advisable. Also remember that feeling thirsty means already getting dehydrated and this must be avoided. A person must already drink water before the body gets dehydrated.

Other forms of fluids such as lemon or lime in a glass are also helpful. However, one should remember that flavored water have extra additives, calories, sugar and the likes. Although it certainly can help the body to get hydrated, one should be conscious on what its labels tell. Extra additives, sugar and calories are some substances that a body does not need so it is important to be very cautious.

Drinking before bedtime is also unadvisable. It is good to stop drinking water about 3 hours before going to bed. This is already self-explanatory.

Drinking cold versus warm water is debatable. Many experts prefer cold water because cold water makes the stomach to absorb fluids quickly. It is also believed the cold water might enhance fat burning. However, it is easier to drink warm water in larger volume. Most people can drink more water without realizing it. Whatever holds true, just drink the water that is required for you!

Bottom line here is, drinking enough water; either it is warm or cold will do the body a lot of favor. It would noticeably decrease appetite for food. Drinking water is also necessary if you really desire to become leaner and healthier. It can also give you younger looking skin. Maybe you have done more than enough to lose weight, but still, you do not achieve the desired results. Now, after reading this, I bet you already know what is missing.

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Thanks for good advice
By: rupali 5 years ago
Thanks for good advice
By: rupali 5 years ago
it is good
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it is good
By: shiv's 6 years ago
Thanx for ur advice;)
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This article makes one realize that things are not so tough.
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