Weight Loss strategies that work

You have heard of the woes of every unsuccessful dieter who tried a new diet program, weight-loss training or other fitness strategies that promise fast and easy weight reduction. The problem with these dieters is that they do not recognize that the success of those who have managed to keep their weight at bay lies in the combined magic of exercise and healthy diet. By establishing the habit of exercise and healthy diet in your daily life, you will see permanent results. How do you incorporate this change? These six strategies will help you:

Give it a lifelong commitment

It will involve a great deal of your effort, not to mention time as well, when you want to see permanent results. If you want that fat out of your life for good, then make up your mind and do it. However, the trickier part is staying true to your resolution.

Your commitment to this cause is needed. There is no other person in the world that can make you lose weight but yourself. You have to do it the hard way – diet and exercise. The temptation to quit is strong, I know, especially if you do not see the support of people around you. However, if you are committed, you can definitely do it. Since you are planning a life-changing decision to lose weight, you will be able to kill two birds with one stone if you also resolve to face other problem areas in your life. Changing what you have accustomed to do can sap a lot of physical and mental energy. Distractions are what you should avoid while in the process. Face the issues that you think will affect your resolution. Financial, marital, or family problems may divert your attention. So, let your plan commence after you get rid of the distractions. Readiness and good timing contribute a lot to success.

Goal setting

If you have a goal to accomplish, then you can see whether you are nearing victory or not. Set a goal when you go on a diet or when you enter a new exercise program. More importantly, set “process goals” rather than “outcome goals.” Process goals make you pay attention to your actions. An example of a process goal is “do fifty push-ups a day.” Outcome goals direct you to the end result. An example is “reduce weight by 50 pounds.” If you use process goals, then you might see yourself progressing. It is important to make your process goals SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bounded). So if you want to lose 50 pounds, aim for around 1 to 2 pound reduction a weak. That is a SMART move. If you aim to high, e.g., 10 pounds a week, you might become disappointed if you do not succeed. Or, you may succeed but the result will be temporary because you just lost muscle tissues and water but not fats.

Gather the support of people around you

Although the success of your endeavors depend on you and you alone, it would still help if you got the support of people close to you such as your husband, you kids, and your friends. Their support can provide you emotional security. Surround yourself with people who see your true value, who could encourage you when you feel like giving up, who are concerned with your feelings, and who could even join you in one of your early morning joggings.  

Enjoy eating healthier diets

To be able to succeed in your weight-loss plan, you should make eating foods with lower calories a habit. However, this should not mean eternal deprivation of delicious, tasty foods. Sacrificing satisfaction and taste is not an inviting idea at all. Doing this may even tempt you to back out from your plan. Meal preparation time shouldn’t be changed as well. The best thing you can do is enjoy your diet foods. Aim for variety when you plan for your meals. This way, you will be eating healthy foods that are tasteful and satisfying. It is advisable to put in many plant-based foods such as whole grains, vegetables and fruits. These foods will cut back your calorie intake because they have limited fat.

Show the chart below to your doctor and seek his advice regarding aiming for these daily calorie goals: 

Your present weight

Daily calorie goal



250 lbs. or less



251-300 lbs.



301 or more lbs.



 Do not aim for super low calorie diets because they do not have lasting results. And, what’s more, they are not healthy. Diets with less than 1,400 kcal a day for men and 1,200 kcal for women are not advisable because they tends to sacrifice the much needed nutrients that are necessary to maintain good health.

Put yourself on the move

Dieting is good. When you eliminate around 250 kcal from your daily meals, you may likely lose approximately ½ lb. per week. That is, 3,500 kcal = 1 lb. of fat. However, if you move your body and do some everyday exercises, you can actually speed up the rate of your weight loss. A thirty-minute jogging will certainly help you burn fat faster. Also, exercises have other benefits that can generally improve your health status. The amount of fat burned through exercise depends on the intensity, duration, and frequency of the exercise. Thirty-minute aerobic exercises in regular intervals will yield good results.

Moreover, regular exercises are not the only things that can help you lose those unwanted bulges. Doing other physical activities such as sports, walking from home to school, climbing stairs are also great ways to sweat those fat away.

Have a lifestyle change

You have done your exercises; you ate proper diet...so what else is missing? There is still one thing that you have to do to make your efforts work, and that is to change your behavior. All of us have habits that may seem ordinary but in fact unhealthy. What made you gain weight in the first place? Your eating habits, of course. Assess your habits. What are the habits that are good for your health? Retain them. What are the habits that are bad for your health? Weed them out. A lifestyle change can lead to a healthier, happier life.

Once you know the weak points that made your past attempt a failure, find a way to change these habits little by little. Knowing them is not enough; it is change that is needed. Plan how you are going to handle them then put the plan to action.

You will meet hindrances from time to time. Do not lose hope and never give up! As long as you committed yourself and stuck with your plan, you will succeed.

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