Weight Management During Pregnancy

Weight Management during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is considered the best phase of any woman's life next to motherhood. The happiness and glow along with 'eating-for-two' results in weight gain which later becomes a point of concern. Weight gain is very normal in this phase, but 'how much is normal', is something we need to ponder on.

If the weight gain for a pregnant lady in each trimester is as per the recommended chart, it is assured that the baby is growing in a healthy manner and getting the right nutrients. Nevertheless, too much of anything has a reverse effect. Excessive weight gain during pregnancy will be accompanied by health problems like obesity, blood pressure and have adverse effects on the baby. A recent study has revealed that the average weight gain for any woman during pregnancy should be somewhere between 25 to 35 pounds. But, if she has already crossed the overweight border line then the weight gain should not be more than 15 - 25 pounds.

Keeping a watch while eating can create the magic and here are a few easy to remember pointers

  • Eating healthy and quick food in frequent intervals is good for both mother and the baby.
  • Snacks like dry fruits, whole fruits, soups, tender coconut drink etc are very helpful to make mother and baby stay fit.
  • Avoiding fatty and oily foods like French fries, pizza etc is important and so is sweet and snacks which are oily and fatty.
  • All women have a craving to eat cheesy foods, but seal your taste buds as that will just cost you an extra calorie.
  • Avoid eating food at restaurants, but, while eating out ensure to have a low fat diet on your platter.
  • Adding excessive salt to the food while cooking shall result in more retention of water in the body.
  • Use less of fatty substances while cooking or rather it is recommended to use low fat substitutes.

The old wives' tale to eating for two is rather a myth than reality. If the pregnant woman eats enough to satisfy her appetite, automatically the baby in the womb will get its nutrition.

Keep up with your pregnancy diet by eating the right quantities of nutrient-packed foods. More weight gain during pregnancy can result in having a larger baby and making the chances of a vaginal delivery bleak. In fact, one ends up retaining almost twice the weight once the baby is born and if we are under the impression of losing them in the course of time, it might prove to be heftier as if the weight is not lost within the first 6 months, and it can lead to obesity later.

Exercising during pregnancy also helps. It rejuvenates one's mind and helps in toning the body during pregnancy. One can also try Yoga, which has gained its prominence in this. There are many aasanas recommended based on the trimester and this helps in keeping the body fit and thereby increasing the chances of a vaginal delivery. Slow walks or strolls in the morning or evening helps. There are dedicated pregnancy aerobic exercises as well. However, remember, all this will have to be followed after seeking the advice from your doctor and under an expert's supervision.

A woman should never lose weight during pregnancy but should learn the art of managing the excessive weight. After all, the idea is not to lose weight, but to slow the rate at which it is gained. Motherhood is a grand adventure to begin and a mother has to ensure to be at the pink of her health to make it a memorable one.

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