Why our Kids are Fat?

why our kids are fat

In recent times child obesity has been on a steady rise with distressing implications. Surveys show that in the last 30 years there has been an increase in number of obese children aged between 6 and 17 years. It has increased from 5.5% to 19.3% by the year 2008; which is an alarming threefold increase. Nearly 70% of children and teens with weight problems are at a greater risk getting heart disease complications, moreover they are highly susceptible to bone and joint complications, breathing disorders during sleep and may develop low self esteem due to stigmatization and social isolation. Obese children are easily prone to diseases like type 2 diabetes, stroke, several types of cancer and osteoarthritis; which were only associated with old age. What then is to be done to curb this hazard?

It is without doubt that today's kids are less active mostly due to the media preference to outdoor activities and parents deem it better to let kids stay indoors and play video games than to go outside and prance around as it keeps them out of trouble. The kids are not to be blamed, as parents nowadays have removed all the fun from sports; by pressuring kids to become professionals instead of letting them have fun with sports. Sports should be fun and parents should ensure this by letting the kids enjoy themselves and even by coming together as a community with neighbors and organizing fun communal sports. This will keep the kids more active and they are less likely to develop weight problems.

It is quite easy to blame genetics as a cause of obesity in children if the parents are similarly obese, but this is not entirely true. Parents who are obese will more than likely introduce their children to unhealthy foods, which is a detrimental influence than a gene they posses. Proper dietary habits go a long way in curbing child obesity; it starts with the parents acting as a role model by consuming only healthy foods and thereafter convincing the kids on the importance of healthy eating. Presence of high calorie foods and beverages like sodas, juices, fries and burgers in homes encourage unhealthy eating in kids. Stocking more healthy foods like oranges, bananas, apples and any sort of organic food that will aid in reducing unhealthy eating within the home. Care should be taken to cater for healthy diets even at school and parents should sensitize this habit.

In the end kids like to have fun so device fun ways of keeping fit; playing football, walking the dog, regular exercise regime for at the least five days a week, building a tree house or any other physical activities that kids like. Nothing ever changes unless you change it yourself; it is crucial for parents with obese children be proactive by not negotiating with our kids on their health but taking the first step and starting by acting and then helping them on the right path that will guarantee hale and hearty kids and eventually healthy and responsible adults.

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it is good idea.i like it.
By: mosaddaque 11 years ago
Yes nowadays the competitive environment, safety issues etc leads parents to prefer the child being at home rather than go outside and play. The eating habits, preference for fast food, poor exercise, stress of performing in studies all add up to the problem of obesity. The solution lies in a coordinated effort of schools and parents' union to see that while studying the children get enough exercise and enjoyment.

By: Jayant Giri 12 years ago

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