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The fact that some foods are worse for you than others is very well known. The only thing that people do not know is which foods are among the 10 worst foods to eat. Just by learning which foods are bad for you and which are good you will notice a positive change. You will suddenly feel better, have more energy and even lose weight. One thing that you will surely notice, is that from the list there are several fast food items listed and this should make you think of all those people who say fast food is bad for you. It is true, it is bad for you and that is one of the reasons why people who eat out in such establishments are also those who have the most trouble losing weight. The other bad foods are all what is considered to be junk foods available to purchase in grocery stores. Taking into consideration how bad they and all the healthy alternatives, it should not be hard to keep these ten foods off of your diet plan.

The worst fast foods you can possibly buy and their great, healthier alternatives:

Many fast food chains now advertise healthier foods. In some cases, they are telling the truth and yet there are still certain products that you should avoid in any case. One of the ten worst foods is the Pizza Hut’s Big New Yorker Pizza which weighs in itself at three pounds and even though it is only made with a cheese topping, it is still extremely bad for you. Eating only a couple of slices of this pizza will provide you with practically the daily recommended amount of saturated fat, sodium and more than half of the allowed calories. To make things worse, you can always add other “healthy” toppings like sausage. Doing this to yourself is not very necessary and if you do feel like eating pizza, then why not something like a French bread version which has only a small fraction of the saturated fat, salt and calories.

Burger King’s French fries and Denny’s Grand Slam offer are also on the top ten list for worst foods to eat. The French fries are so bad because of all the salt, oil, calories and the whopping thirty grams of fat. This fat is also not the good kind and twelve out of those are famous for their ability to clog your arteries. Try fries from other places, none have proven to be so bad and if possible choose a drier, less salty make. The Grand Slam breakfast offers you an incredibly high amount of fat, sodium and calories. In fact, if you eat this meal you take in more than 800 calories and a combined total of 64 grams of fats. This is not necessary so look for alternatives that do not have as much sausage and bacon. There is also a slim version which is also very tasty and fills up.

Worst foods to purchase in a grocery store:

Seven of the ten worst foods can be purchased in the supermarket. Although some are obvious and known to be bad, others may just surprise you. The most surprising of the bad foods is the Quaker oats and honey granola bar. Honey and oatmeal are supposed to be good for you, that is true, but not if combined with loads of sugar and fat. Instead eat a diet granola bar or munch on healthy cereals. Buitoni Contandino Alfredo sauce is another very unhealthy food to consume, because of all the butter used in it. Just about any other kind of sauce or a light sauce makes a real alternative to this sauce. Another surprisingly bad food is the Nissin Cup Noodles with shrimp. Nobody tends to think of soup being bad and especially not one with noodles or shrimp; however noodles fried ahead of time in palm oil are very artery clogging. Choosing ramen noodles is a much better choice.  Don’t choose the Campbell’s condensed soup though! They also have earned a place on the 10 worst foods to eat list, because of the incredibly high amount of sodium present. Read the labels and compare canned soups before purchasing that are the best way to find the right choice.

The rest of the worst foods are also the more obvious ones. The Frito Lays’ Wow! Potato chips are among them. Although they are calorie-free, they can cause stomach pains and cramps because they are made in a fat substitute which is indigestible for humans. Anyone thinking they will lose while snacking on these chips is wrong. Tortilla chips are a good substitute, as well as baked potato chips. Bugles are a very popular snack that is also soaked in coconut oil, which is actually about the worst oil choice to possibly make. In fact, oil from coconuts has double the amount of saturated fats found in lard.  Bake bugles or low fat tortilla chips should be eaten instead, if you even have to munch on such foods. Last, but not least, there is the Entenmann’s Frosted Donut. The basic donut is not really bad for you, but the chocolate is and these donuts have a rich, chocolate coating. If you have a craving for donuts, then eat plain ones or at least substitute with the light versions.

As you can see, sometimes it is not easy to find good foods for you. Many packages and advertisements are also misleading and for that reason you should always read the labels and try to understand just what the given information means. Not only do these 10 worst foods to eat make you fat, but they also increase your health risks by clogging arteries and promoting heart disease. There is no need to completely avoid munching on snacks, but it is worth it take the time and find healthier replacements for these bad foods. In some cases all that is needed is to switch brands or eat somewhere else and this is definitely not hard to do.

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I also agree with Raven, There is a difference in saturated fats and coconut oil is one of the best things you can put in your body. Coconut oil is almost 905 Saturated Fatty Acids that are Medium Chain Triglycerides, Your body feeds off these fats and helps with a multitude of systems. This oil will actually help you loose weight. Look into it!!
By: Katie 10 years ago
I agree with Raven. Natural coconut oil actually has omega 3 fatty acids which was named the BEST oil you can use...not the worst.
By: Ally 10 years ago
How do you figure?
By: Tommaso 10 years ago
You are wrong about bugles and coconut oil, it is the absolute best oil you can consume.
By: Raven 11 years ago

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