If you are being told to lose weight by a doctor or your need to reduce your blood pressure than Xenical may is your best shot – especially if you have tried other ways to lose weight. Discuss Xenical with your doctor and ask all of the burning questions you may have about the drug – especially the side effects.

You can only be prescribed Xenical if you are obese and a certain amount of weight needs to be lost. Remember that when you are on Xenical you should maintain regular doctor visits. If at any time that your weight loss slows you will be taken off of the tablets as this is a sign that they are no longer working.

Xenical is a drug in tablet form that absorbs fat. As you eat, the fat that comes from the food is typically converted into either energy or stored. Xenical takes up to 30% of the ingested fat and removes it from your body as waste. This means your body stores less fat. Combines that with a low-fat diet and your body now ceases to store fat and instead coverts it. This means you lose weight.

Prior to taking the drug you need to have a complete health work up completed including the BMI, blood pressure, blood tests, weight and waist measurements. These tests are a needed measure to ensure you are a good candidate for Xenical and that you continue to lose weight.

Roche is the manufacturer of Xenical and the actual drug name is orlistat. The tablet is green and they come in a 28-day dosage and you take three tablets each day, one with each meal. But you only take it with your meal if you are consuming something that contains fat – meaning if you eat an apple you do not need to take it. You also have to take it an hour before you eat so that the chemicals have time to metabolize.

To make Xenical really work for you there must be a diet to accompany it that is low in fat content so that the actual chemicals have a real affect on you. They encourage you to eat a meal that is healthier for you. The rule to food choices would be foods with 3 grams of fat for each 100 grams and no more than thirty to forty grams for the entire day. It should be spread out throughout the entire day. As per the documentation that comes with Xenical fat should not be more than 30% of your diet on a day on average. Items like cheese can cause some serious gastrointestinal problems so looking at the labels on the foods you are buying is paramount to being successful using Xenical.

Besides the normal food intake you get from your diet you should always incorporate between meal snacking of healthy foods like vegetables and fruits. You will also find that increased activity through exercise is a boon to your body’s metabolism and will make Xenical even more effective as a weight loss and fat burning tool.

Upon receipt of your first box of Xenical tablets you will find a phone number listed on the papers. You can telephone the number and join MAP, a support group system that is created by Roche in support of the users of Xenical. MAP stands for: “Motivation, Action and Proactive”. Once you join the group they will phone your doctor and then every few weeks you will get a phone call to check up on your progress and you will also receive monthly mailings of free stuff like tape measure for your body, pedometer to track your walking distance and fat counting and calorie counting tools. The group is there to help you maintain focus and do your best by being a positive influence.

Every medicine you can take has a side effect of some sort. Xenical certainly is no different in that respect. Xenical’s side effects are linked to the amount of fat you ingest in your diet. Too much fat means your stool with be bright orange and quite foul in odor. The amount of gas that you produce can also be fairly severe. Other than that the side effects are mostly your own doing. Just remember that if you want to eat chips or take a trip to McDonald’s you will certainly be paying for it later and if you do not live alone then the rest of the household will also be suffering so think before you eat.

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