Yoga and weight Loss

Knowing what is a healthy body weight for a certain body type and overseeing your body composition is an essential part in having a healthy, balanced wellness program. One way to achieve a balanced program is to get into a Yoga diet, practice yoga, and know the yoga ethics and lifestyle.

One of the main causes of serious health problems is obesity. Serious health ailments are heart diseases, digestive disorders, high blood pressure, and diabetes. A known fact is that obesity decrease life span. The effect of being overweight is draining the energy and strength of the body because of the excess body weight
Retain Body Weight and Reduce Body Fat through Yoga

Yoga positions Burn calories
Doing other physical activities and practicing yoga makes use of large body muscles to perform the different positions of Yoga and it also burns calories. You might not know but calories are being absorbed first from the muscle, then it will go into the blood, it will go to the liver, and then it will turn into fats, which will be stored by the fat cells. You need to do any physical activity and Yoga longer because it helps to tap in the fat cells that are being stored by fat.

It is best to do physical activity or Yoga in an empty stomach because your sugar level is low, which makes it easier to reach those calories from your muscle through the calories from your fat cells.

Aside from burning fat, Yoga also helps increase muscle tissue. When muscle tissue is increased, it provides benefits such as increasing overall metabolism and the best part is it increases calorie that burns fat.

Tapas  - Make sure to eat nutritional foods
Tapas means have a healthy body. Like any other physical activity and diet programs it teaches discipline. It also teaches discipline in eating, which is good if you are dieting. Most of the people eat just to satisfy themselves. Through Tapas you will be taught to only eat until we are 80% full, eat on the right time, and eat small meals to avoid overeating and not skipping a meal.

Today, what most people practice is to eat large meals in the evening and consume only small or medium amounts of meal during the day. This is considered as a bad habit because when you consume large meals in the evening it does not have time to digest it all so it just stores the calories as fat during our sleep. So when you want to eat a large meal do it in the middle of the day and consume small amounts during the later parts of the day.

Yoga helps you to choose nutritious foods
Practicing Yoga helps us to be aware of the negative energy that enters our body like the body is aware if the food eaten is of poor quality. When food eaten has low nutritional value its effect would be lack of sleep, poor performance in work and any activities, negative mood swings, digestive disorders, low energy and lack of concentration.

But when you are practicing Yoga you become increasingly compatible with the body’s system. Instead of pushing ourselves to eat nutritional foods, the body will naturally crave for clean, healthy food and the body is set in an energetic rhythm. Because of this, the body will direct us what to do like when to go to the bathroom, when to eat and when to rest.

Yoga improves hormonal imbalance
The body remains on a “fight or flight” modified state when we experience stress. When you are stressed you also put your tissues and organs in stress. It is a mutual secretion of insulin from the pancreas when cortisol is produced and this is proven by certain researches.

If you are looking for ways to remove or reduce stress which will lead to the stopping of this hormonal chain reaction that causes weight gain then practice Yoga and Meditation. While Yoga and meditation helps as become conscious of the bad food choices and elevates our sensitivity it also aids us in becoming sensitive of the energy from our environment and actions. If the proper actions are taken we will be able to recognize if stress is taking a hold of our body and mind, and we can make a decision to move away from this burdening state.

Can Yoga alone maintain Healthy body weight?
With regular exercise, practice of Yoga and eating a balanced diet a lot of people can maintain a healthy body weight your overall metabolism and body type also depends on it. Adding regular exercise such as cardiovascular exercises to your regular activity program you can increase daily calorie being burned. You will see that this will bring fulfillment and joy just like your Yoga practice. In order for you to do this extra activities and enhance your Yoga practice be sure that you are determined and focused.

But the simplest way to be at ease with your self is to love and appreciate the way you are now. Whatever activity you get involved in like Yoga, eating a balanced diet and physical activities be sure to enjoy them because this enhances your life. This kinds of activity will help you move towards a great life do not involve in this kinds of activities just because of your EGO.

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