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Glycemic Index (GI) & Weight Loss

With the advent of the modern life style, more and more people seem to be getting obese. Perhaps the main reason is because of the fact that modern life style teaches us to live with too little activity and too much fast food. All of this couple...

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Nutrition Claims 101: The Light, The Low

Many of us are enticed to buy fat-free dairy products, low-sodium luncheon meat, light mayonnaise, and so on. Why? Because of the words "light", "low" and "free". A lot of us, however, do not have a clear view of what these terms mean when it com...

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Nutrition Facts On Food Labels

When you buy something in the grocery, do you stop for a few seconds to read the back of the labels of the foods you buy? Reading food packaging and labels can be beneficial to your meal planning. Not only do manufacturers list the macronutrients ...

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The Medical Benefits Of Weight Loss

There are millions of rewards and medical advantages to losing weight. People who are obese can gain significant benefits from a healthy weight loss. Attaining this requires a healthy diet and adopting good exercise habits. Weight loss is not onl...

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Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)

The minimum caloric requirement required to maintain life in an inactive person is called basal metabolic rate or BMR. You might be surprised to know that it is the number of energy (unit in calories) burned through the body in order stay in bed s...

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ABC Of Calories

Most often people associate calories with the food that we eat and with drinks while in fact calories apply to anything that is containing energy and also calorie is a component of energy. Four liters or a gallon of gasoline has around 31,000,000 ...

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What Is BMI?

Calculating your BMI is the easiest way to keep track of your body weight. BMI or Body Mass Index is a number showing the correlation of your weight and height. This enables a person to know if his or her weight is normal or not. There are four wa...

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