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Healthy Food Can Tone You Down

It has been observed by many that people who are long time smokers and those who smoke heavily tend to get heavier after they decided to stop smoking. This observation however is employed in most cases as an excuse for those who continue to smoke....

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Weight Could Be Affected By Blood Sugar

Normally how we eat and how we lively we think are determined by the blood sugar level. They way we eat and feel are very important in case we are on the lookout when it comes to our appetite and exercise. The blood sugar level could aff...

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Fiber Could Be The Answer

Fiber could just be the answer for your weight problems. Essentially fiber is part of a plant, which our body cannot digest. It is very good to our bodies although it does not provide any nutrients or calories as it goes through our digestive syst...

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Top Five Healthiest Foods

The Super Foods part of our official website has been one of the most visited sections of our readers. On the page, we enumerated a lot of healthy foods, which are of course beneficial to our health in general. Among the string of foods listed, I ...

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Vitamins Explained

The human body has the ability to produce many things by itself except vitamins that are essential for good health and long life. One's food intake determines the kind and amount of vitamins which goes in and utilized by the body....

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