Privacy Policy

At we are committed to keep all your data secured and ensure that data integrity rules are not breached at all. This page, explains how as a company we collect data from you, what data we collect and how we use that same data later on.

Our visitors

As, we do not collect any kind of data that might identify you personally as an independent entity. The details that we might need you to provide from time to time include your email address, names, addresses, and phone numbers. These are the basic attributes that we feed into our database to send relevant mails. There might be some cases where some data is collected by servers. That kind of data is usually made use of in case of advertisements and at times this data can be shown to advertisers. Some of the information that is collected by the web server includes version and name of web browser, operating systems or platforms, internet connection speeds and your country. We do not involve in selling such data.

Further, is committed to protect the privacy of children and some of the recommendations, products or services that are discussed in the site might not be appropriate for children below 18 years of age. We do not encourage or collect information from children below the age of 18 as we are very sensitive to this issue.

Our members

As a company, we would require you to provide us with your contact email address when you are registering. This is required to contact you in case of any problems or if you have subscribed for our newsletters and new article alerts. We do not involve in selling of your user names or email addresses to any company whatsoever at whichever cost.

Cookies and how they work on our web platform

Basically, cookies are small program snippets that are stored in your web browser as records of events as you surf the internet. You have the option to turn them on or off as you please through browser settings. We only use cookies so as to store your usernames on your computer. If we need to read any details from your web browser, we can only see the information that we have written. That therefore means that we won't be able to read any kind of information in your computer including usernames and passwords.

The security of your information

Ever since inception of the site, we have always been dedicated to ensure that all the data we store about our members is secure and retains integrity at all times. When you are asked to offer any contact details, names or other sensitive information, they are usually encrypted and then sent through to the server. Even if anyone intercepts the data, they would not be able to get any detail out of it.

External websites

There might be cases where you might need to post articles or banner ads on our website. If at all these materials contain any links to third party sites, you need to know that as we do not have any control over the operations of such websites. Probably you might need to check the privacy policies of those sites so that you can get an idea of how your data would essentially be utilized.

Your consent

By using this website, you are agreeing that we can collect and use the information that we collect from you. One thing that you need to be assured of is that we do not resell any customer or member data to third party organizations. If at all we ever have any intention to change any part of this privacy policy, we will endeavor to communicate effectively.

We might be legally obligated to update this privacy policy from time to time. The updates will be posted in this page and duly communicated to you with the date from which it will be effective.

Our contacts

If at all you have any questions or rather concerns that you really need to share, just feel free to contact us by using our online form and we would be more than glad to be of help to you.